December 2007

December 4
Winter Moth: 1 at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse came to a lighted window
December 9
Golden Eagle: pair calling and one diving into? Treshnish wood
December 10
Redwing: 1 at NM34U
December 11
Red Grouse: 3 at NM34T, 2 at NM34Y
Golden Eagle: 1 at NM34Z
December 13
Barn Owl: 3 between Reudle schoolhouse and Burg (CC)
December 14
Eider: 1 at NM34I
Fulmar: 1 at NM34I
Golden Eagle: 2 at NM34I
Black Guillemot: 1 at NM34I
December 17
Tawny Owl: 1at NM34P
December 18
Golden Eagle: 2 at NM34N, 2 at NM34T
Merlin: 1 at NM34T
December 19
Hen Harrier: 1 at NM34P
Golden Plover: 2 at NM34P
Woodcock: 1 at NM34P
Curlew: 10 at NM34P
Stonechat: 9 at NM34N
Lesser Redpoll: 1 at NM34P
December 20
Hen Harrier: 1 at NM34N
December 22
Redwing: 5 at NM34P
Lapwing: 4 at NM34P
Buzzard: 6 at NM34P
December 24
Fulmar: 12 flying around cliffs at Treshnish Point. None were seen on ledges but it is quite possible that they were as the area was only very briefly scanned
Hen Harrier: 1 at NM34P
Redwing: 5 at NM34P
December 27
Tawny Owl: 1 flying around low-lying area below Toechtamhor at dusk
December 28
Twite: 1 near Treshnish House
December 29
Winter Moth: 1 at Treshnish House came to a lighted window (SC)