January 2008

(All sightings are from Treshnish Farm by Anand Prasad unless stated otherwise. Abbreviations of observers are given to respect internet privacy. If you have anything to add please let Prasad know if your name can used).

January 4
Golden Plover: 1 at NM34P
January 5
Golden Eagle: 2 at Haunn NM34N
Chaffinch: 19 at Treshnish House
January 6
Golden Eagle: 1 at Haunn NM34N
January 11
Teal: 2 at Dervaig
Greenshank: 1 at Dervaig
Redshank: 1 at Dervaig
Goldeneye: 1 at Loch an Torr, 4 at Loch Meadhoin (Mishnish)
January 12
Hen Harrier: 1 near second stone bridge up Ensay Burn NM34T
Dipper: 1 at second stone bridge up Ensay Burn
January 16
Great Northern Diver: 1 from below Treshnish House, 2 in Calgary Bay mouth
Hen Harrier: 1 near Treshnish House NM34P
Woodcock: 1 in Treshnish wood
January 29
Golden Eagle: 1 at NM34Z, 1 above second stone bridge up Ensay Burn NM34T
Merlin: 1 at NM34Z
Woodcock: 1 at NM34Y
Red Grouse: 3 at NM34Z
Golden Plover: 13 at NM34Z