April 2008

April 1
Buzzard: 1 flying to new nest site on small cliff beside Ensay Burn south of the cattle grid (NM34U)
Collared Dove: 1 at Treshnish House (NM34P)
Wheatear: 1 at Ensay House: first migrant of the year (NM34U)
April 2
Great Northern Diver: 3 in Calgary Bay near Lainne Sgeir (NM35Q), at least 10 at Langamull (NM35S)
Red-throated Diver: 1 in Calgary Bay near Rubha nan Oirean (NM35K)
Redshank: 1 in Calgary Bay near Lainne Sgeir (NM35Q)
Common Ringed Plover: 2 at Langamull (NM35X)
Lapwing: 1 at Cillchriosd (NM35S)
Wheatear: 3 at Langamull (NM35X)
April 3
Collared Dove: 1 at Treshnish House (NM34P)
April 5
Redwing: 1 at Haunn cottages (NM34I)
Wheatear: 1 between Hauun and Treshnish cottages (NM34P)
April 7
Greylag Goose: 4 below Treshnish House (NM34P)
Sparrowhawk: 1 above Ensay wood (NM34P)
April 9
Great Northern Diver: 1 off from Treshnish Boathouse (NM34P), 1 off Port Haunn NM34I), 1 off Crackaig (NM34M)
Grey Heron: 1 at Ensay Burn (NM34P)
Buzzard: 9 at Treshnish Point (NM34J)
Hen Harrier: 1 female near cairn above Port Haunn (NM34I)
Greylag Goose: 3 below Treshnish House (NM34P), later 2 flying over Treshnish lochan
Eider: 2 at Port Haunn (NM34I)
Short-eared Owl: a pair hunting to east of Reudle School House in the late evening well before dusk. One landed on the moor whilst the other buzzed a Buzzard on an electric pole which took no notice and then landed quite close to the road to south east of Reudle School House (NM34T)
Redshank: 1 at Ensay Burn (NM34P)
Curlew: 3 at Ensay Burn (NM34P)
Great Black-backed Gull: 50 gulls near Treshnish boathouse mostly this species
Black Guillemot: 3 at Crackaig (incl. 1 still in 1st winter plumage)
Wheatear: 7 at Skoma and below Toechtamhor cottage (NM34P), 20 around port Haunn (NM34I), 6 between Port Haunn and Crackaig (NM34N)
Reed Bunting: a male and female together at low-lying area below Toechtamhor (NM34I)
Common Scurvygrass: flowering along shore below Treshnish House
Common Dog-violet: has been flowering in some places for about 3 weeks
Thrift: about to flower
Common Milkwort: flowering
April 10
Redwing: 11 in Treshnish wood near Treshnish Old School House (NM34P)
April 13
Redwing: 1 at Haunn (guests in middle cottage)
April 14
Grey Wagtail: 1 by Ensay Burn
Short-eared Owl: 1 by Ensay Burn (2nd stone bridge south)
April 15
Tawny Owl: 1 at Treshnish House at dusk
April 16
Great Northern Diver: 1 from Ensay Burn mouth
Greylag Goose: 3 below Treshnish House
Linnet: 1 by Treshnish Old School House (first of year)
Redshank: 1 by Ensay Burn mouth
Curlew: 2 by Ensay Burn mouth
Merlin: 1 by Ensay Burn mouth (1 probable on previous evening at this site)
Willow Warbler: 1 at Treshnish boathouse (first of year)
Wood Anemone: flowering in Treshnish wood
Marsh-marigold: flowering at Treshnish boathouse
April 17
Collared Dove: 1 at Treshnish House
April 18
Sand Martin: few along coast near Treshnish boathouse (guests in middle cottage)
Merlin: 1 at Treshnish (guests in middle cottage)
Bluebell: flowering by Treshnish Old School House
April 19
Cuckoo: 1 at Haunn (Prasad), 1 at ‘Whisky Cave’ (Somerset), 1 behind Toechtamhor (PR). All the first of the year.
Wheatear: at Haunn with nesting material (PR)
April 20
Fulmar: 9 on ledges at east end of Treshnish Point so at least 5 pairs
Great Northern Diver: 2 near Calgary Pier (PR)
Hen Harrier: 1 female between Treshnish and Haunn cottages (PR)
Greylag Goose: 5 below Treshnish House
Snipe: 3 below Toechtamhor cottage
Long-finned Pilot Whale: The white dead animal seen floating offshore below Treshnish House for the previous 2 weeks has been the reason for congregation of up to 50 mostly Great Black-backed Gulls. The carcass is now washed ashore at high tide to west of Treshnish boathouse. It is at least 20 foot long.
Butterbur: flowering below Treshnish House
Mink: 1 at Haunn (PR)
Otter: 1 dog otter at about 3 hours after low tide at Calgary Bay (PR)
April 22
Great Northern Diver: 4 from below Treshnish House (PR)
Swallow: 1 by Treshnish Old School House (first of year)
Sand Martin: about 5 at Kilninian (my first of year)
Mistle Thrush: 2 at Kilninian
Greenfinch: 1 at Kilninian
April 23
Common Sandpiper: 3 half way to ‘pink’ pier from Calgary Bay (PR)
White-tailed Eagle: 1 flying to west in Calgary Bay (PR)
Common Ringed Plover: 1 at Port Haunn (PR)
Common Sandpiper: 2 at Port Haunn (PR)
April 24
Great Northern Diver: 1 flying south around Treshnish Point
Manx Shearwater: 2+ from Treshnish boathouse (first of the year)
Golden Eagle: 3 displaying at Beinn Duill (PR)
Hen Harrier: 1 at Treshnish House
Great Black-backed Gull: 52 west of Treshnish boathouse, scavenging on the beached whale there
Kittiwake: 1 adult, 2 immatures from Treshnish boathouse
Great Skua: 1 flying north from Treshnish boathouse (first of the year)
Mountain Hare: 2 at Treshnish boathouse
April 25
Curlew: 1 on moor near Cruachan Treshnish (PR)
Rook: 1 with a flock of Hooded Crows near cow-barn (present about a week previously)
Otter: 1 to west of Ensay Burn Mouth about half an hour after low tide (PR)
April 26
White-tailed Eagle: 1 with a white wing-tag at Dervaig (SM, CK & FK)
Rook: 1 with a flock of Hooded Crows near cow-barn
Twite: 2 near middle cottage, Haunn
Otter: 1 between Port Haunn and the ‘Whisky Cave’ (SM, CK & FK)
April 27
Great Northern Diver: 1 in Calgary Bay (NM35Q)
Golden Eagle: 2 (SM, CK & FK)
Merlin: 1 at Crackaig (SM, CK & FK)
Red Grouse: at Cruachan Treshnish (SM, CK & FK)
Greylag Goose: 7 at Loch Frisa fish farm (NM45Q)
Canada Goose: 9 at Loch Frisa fish farm (NM45Q)
Eider: 1 male near Calgary beach (NM35Q)
Goldeneye: none present on Mishnish Lochs or Loch an Torr
Common Sandpiper: 2 at Dervaig (NM45F), 3 by Loch Frisa fish farm (NM45Q)
Common Ringed Plover: 1 on Calgary beach (NM35Q)
Redshank: 4 at Dervaig (NM45F)
Dunlin: 4 at Dervaig (NM45F)
Wood Pigeon: 2 by Ensay Burn
Sand Martin: 3 near Loch Frisa fish farm (NM45Q)
Mink: at ‘Whisky Cave’ (SM, CK & FK)
April 28
Red-throated Diver: 2 in Calgary Bay mouth
Great Northern Diver: 1 in Calgary Bay
Greylag Goose: 6 below Treshnish House
Common Sandpiper: 2 at Ensay Burn mouth
Bottle-nosed Dolphin: group of 3+ in Calgary Bay not far from beach
Otter: 1 in Calgary Bay
Ramsons: flowering
Red Campion flowering TW
April 29
Mink: at Caliach Point (SM, CK & FK)