September 2008

September 2
Common Hawker dragonfly: 1 near Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
September 3
Peregrine Falcon: 1 between Ensay and Calgary (CC)
Red Grouse: 5 above Treshnish lochan (this is the highest number observed by Prasad in 3 years)
Short-eared Owl: 2 on Cruachan Treshnish NM3547
Hen Harrier: 1 on Beinn Reudle
September 4
Highland Darter dragonfly: 2+ by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
[Speckled Wood butterfly: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse]
September 5
Collared Dove: 1 by The Studio
September 6
Sparrowhawk: 1 between Treshnish and Haunn cottages
Golden Eagle: 2 above Treshnish House
Golden Plover: 1 below Toechtamhor cottage
September 7
White-tailed Eagle: 1 juvenile at about 1.30pm with white wing-tags, soaring above Treshnish lochan, eventually flying towards Calgary
Hen Harrier: 1 female soaring between Ensay Burn and Beinn Bhuidhe, flew to Beinn Bhuidhe
Mallard: 3 on Treshnish lochan
Golden Plover: 1 heard between Ensay Burn and Beinn Bhuidhe
Northern Wheatear: 1 at Ensay house
Golden-ringed Dragonfly: 2 laying eggs to north of second bridge between Ensay and Reudle Schoolhouse NM3648
Common Hawker dragonfly: 1 to north of second bridge between Ensay and Reudle Schoolhouse
Highland Darter dragonfly: 6+ on Treshnish lochan
September 15
Swift: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
Mistle Thrush: 2 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
September 16
White-tailed Eagle: 1 [juvenile] flying over N of Calgary at Cruach Slèibhe to Langamull/Croig
Golden Eagle: 1 immature N of Calgary Bay at Bruach na Sean-pheighinne
Ruins: Two black-house villages to west of Bruach na Sean-pheighinne at NM35715241 and about 300m to NE are not marked on the 1:50,000 Landranger OS maps. There is another to SW of Cnoc Udmail at NM35325135. The village at Inivea to N of Calgary beach at NM36845181 is named on the 1:50,000 OS map.
September 17
Red-breasted Merganser: 9 at Croig
Lapwing: 2 at Croig
Greenshank: 1 at Croig
Dunlin: 6 at Croig harbour
Otter: 1 at Croig
September 20
Sparrowhawk: 1 near Treshnish cow-barn
September 22
Golden Eagle: 1 to west of Haunn cottages at dusk
Tawny Owl: 1 seen at Treshnish cow-barn and heard (as usual) at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
White-tailed Eagle: 1 with white wing tags with a black letter E beside Dervaig bridge – a Mull 2007 chick (RM & JM)
Highland Darter dragonfly: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
September 23
Buzzard: 8 above Treshnish wood, 1 at Port Haunn flying to Treshnish Isles
Golden Eagle: 1 at Haunn
Golden Plover: 1-2 below Toechtamhor cottage
Twite: 40 near Port Haunn
Red Deer: heard rutting on Ensay
Red Admiral butterfly: 1 to west of West cottage, Haunn
Highland Darter dragonfly: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
September 24
Golden Eagle: 2 at Crackaig
Otter: 1 between Port Haunn and Crackaig
September 26
Swallow: 1 above Treshnish wood
Red Admiral butterfly: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
September 27
Golden Eagle: 2 above Haunn cottages (Prasad), 2 ‘on hillside above cattle-sheds at Treshnish Farm’ (PR)
Buzzard: 10 above Treshnish wood/Ensay
Golden Plover: 10 below Toechtamhor cottage
September 28
Golden Eagle: ‘2, 1 being mobbed by Peregrine Falcon above cliffs at Port Haunn,’ (PR)
Peregrine: 1 juvenile photographed at 12.55 by Reudle Schoolhouse (Shaun McCullagh), 1 at Port Haunn, see above (PR)
Hen Harrier: ‘Female below Treshnish House,’ (PR)
September 29
Hen Harrier: ‘2 females hunting low on hillside behind Haunn Cottages,’ (PR)
September 30
Golden Eagle: 1 above cliffs of Ensay-Calgary road (Prasad), 1 ‘from summit of Ben Duill hunting around Cruachan Treshnish. It glided to Treshnish Point, swooped down and flushed up a buzzard with newly caught prey in it’s talons and pursued it, out of my sight, towards Port Haunn,’ (PR)
Red Throated Diver: 1 in Calgary Bay (PR)
Kittiwake: 80+ in Calgary Bay, some later roosting on rocks at Lainne Sgeir
Otter: ‘eating crabs on shore rocks’ in Calgary Bay (PR)
Mink: 1 along shore below Ensay-Calgary road
Irish Mountain Hare: 1 between Ensay farm and Ensay Burn
Red Admiral butterfly: 1 by Ensay Burn cattle-grid
Highland Darter dragonfly: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse