November 2008

November 1
Golden Eagle: 2 at Haunn
[Goshawk: 1 above Treshnish House circling a Golden Eagle; looked too large for Sparrowhawk (at first glance the rump appeared pale]
Redwing: 4 near Treshnish House, 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse, 6+ below Toechtamhor cottage
Mistle Thrush: 2 below Toechtamhor cottage
[Marsh/Willow Tit: 2 on electric wire by Treshnish House]
November 2
Whimbrel: 1 before Port Haunn (Field Gentian site)
Long-tailed Tit: 1+ by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
November 3
Hen Harrier: 1 on hill above Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
Redshank: 2 at Treshnish boathouse
Redwing: 9 at Treshnish House
Starling: 100+ flying to roost-cave at Treshnish Point
Irish Mountain Hare: 1 above Treshnish boathouse
November 4
Great Northern Diver: 2 in Calgary Bay (1 between the pier and the reef, 1 near the reef)
Otter: 2 along shore between Ensay and Calgary beach
November 5
Hen Harrier: 1 female above the Treshnish cow-barn
Redwing: 9 at Treshnish cow-barn
Starling: 100+ flying to roost-cave at Treshnish Point
November 6
Redwing: 4+ at Treshnish cow-barn
November 7
Redwing: 4+ at Treshnish House
November 8
Redwing: 35 at Treshnish House
Redshank: 1 by Treshnish boathouse
November 11
Golden Eagle: 2 at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
November 12
Golden Eagle: 2 calling above Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
November 15
Golden Eagle: 1 along Ensay road flying west below Treshnish wood