December 2008

December 2
Golden Eagle: 2 calling and sky-diving above Treshnish wood
December 5
Golden Eagle: 2 adults and 1 juvenile at above Ensay-Burg road and a later an adult hunting above Treshnish wood. This bird dived with talons extended into the field by Ensay Burn presumably after a rabbit. It landed on the fence by the road (it looked old; no gold on the nape and an overall greyish appearance) and then flew above the wood and was joined by another adult, which then landed on a conifer. A little later one was skydiving over Treshnish wood. This is the first time I have seen one on a fence or tree.
Hen Harrier: 1 on Cruachan Odhar to east of Ensay-Burg road summit
Merlin: 1 at Reudle
December 6
Woodcock: 1 by Ensay Burn cattle-grid
Hen Harrier: 2 by summit of Ensay-Burg road
[Lesser Black-backed Gull: 1 at Kilninian (NM34X)]
Otter: 1 at Kilninian black-beach
December 13
Sparrowhawk: 1 by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
December 16
Otter: 1 on south side of Calgary Bay
December 21
Golden Eagle: 2 calling and displaying over Treshnish wood
December 26
Golden Eagle: 1 on Beinn Duill
December 28
Red Grouse: 1 heard to north of Reudle schoolhouse bog