February 2009

On 1st an immature White-tailed Eagle was seen flying in the Sound of Coll out from Caliach Point. Before reaching land it started soaring which took it further west out to sea. It then glided eastwards losing height and still over sea again started soaring. This happened repeatedly resulting in it getting closer and closer to Coll. Then after at least 30 minutes it flew inland to land on the cliffs to south of Caliach Point. What was it doing, was it fishing or was it just using the least energy to reach shore? I think it was perhaps the former, as it would only have to have soared higher to gain enough height to glide to Mull.
On the 2nd CC saw 5 Fieldfares near Toechtamhor. They are not uncommon in autumn but this is the first true winter record during the survey years for the new UK Atlas.
On the 9th whilst surveying the coast just south of Reudle, I saw another young White-tailed Eagle just above the Dun at Burg. This one landed and although I only had binoculars I could see letter S on it’s white wing tags. It was therefore traceable as a ringed chick from North Uist in 2007.
On the 19th a female Goldeneye was at Reudle Old Schoolhouse (Larach Mhor). This is the first record near Treshnish farm and could be the same small duck that CC and Leena saw in the first week of March on Duill pond.
On warm days in late February Song Thrushes could be heard singing.

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