October satellite tagged White-tailed Eagle and Osprey

Mull White-tailed Eagles

1st: Raasay
4th: Southeast of Uig, Trotternish peninsula, Skye
5th: Northeast of Uig, Trotternish peninsula, Skye
8th: Southeast of Portree, Skye
Latest data from Google Earth on 18th October but undated on RSPB Blog, she was back on the Crowlin Islands south-west of the Applecross peninsula, between the Applecross peninsula and Scalpay, off Skye

This years tagged chicks. Not the Loch Frisa chicks.

Oran (male)
Extremely adventurous.

First points about 1-10: several (10+) points on south side of Ardmeanach peninsula (with 1 point near Loch Assapol on the Ross of Mull)

Point 11: Pennyghael, Mull
Point 12: Beinne Bhuidhe, east of Drimnin, Morven
Point 13: Fiunary forest, Morven
Point 14: Sandaig, north of Mallaig (57km from Fiunary forest)
Point 15 Shiel Bridge (23km from Dandaig)
Point 16 Western end of Loch Affric (22km from Shiel Bridge)

Point 17: eastern end of Glen Affric (13km north-east of western end of Loch Affric).
Point 18 Glen Affric (85km north-east of Glencripesdale)
12th: 3km east-southeast of Glencripesdale on the southern shore of Loch Sunart, Morvern.
13th: 2km east of Glencripesdale. On this date she appeared on the Google Earth data to be only 2km east of Mara at Glencripesdale.

Venus (female)
All dates in the Glen Forsa area except on 11th October at the western end of Ardmeanach peninsula.

Loch Garten Ospreys

Rothes (female)
1st: Diawling National Park, in south-west Mauritania.
2nd: passes Kayar west of Djoudj National Park in Senegal, crosses the Dakar peninsula near  Sebikotane and roosting at Mbourouk, Senegal
3rd: heads offshore, south of Dakar coming back to land 188km to the south (as crow or Osprey flies) near Abene in southern Senegal (south of The Gambia). At one time in this sea journey she was 70km from shore! She roosted near the border between Senegal and Guinea Bissau.
4th: Continues south through Guinea Bissau and made a sea crossing from about 30km west of Bissau to the Ilha das Galinhas islands within the Bijagos Islands, off the coast of Guinea Bissau.
4-15th: Present throughout on the Bijagos Islands except one 2 day round trip to the mainland where she was at one time 57km from the last known place that Nethy, one of last years satellite tagged Ospreys was located.

Mallachie (male)
1st: Still around Tejo National Park, Portugal near the Spanish border.
4th: Tejo National Park, Portugal
4-8th: Tejo National Park, Portugal
9th: At11am he was still at Tejo National Park but in the afternoon he was heading south and continuing south along the Spanish Portuguese border.
10th: He left the safety of land at Isla Critina, Spain near the Porugese border. After flying south for 300km he made land in Morocco at 5pm, 32km north of Kénitra. He continued flying in a south-easterly direction for another 30km roosting at Sidi Yahya du Rharb to the east of Kénitra.
12th: Crosses over into Algeria.
14th: Crosses the north-eastern corner of Western Sahara and then south into Mauritania crossing the earlier flight path of Rothes.


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