December 2009

On the 31st there were 2 Woodcocks near Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and since they are now common, no further mention will be made until the late winter/early spring when they depart.
An extremely good eagle half hour occurred today at about 1pm. First of all a Golden Eagle was seen soaring over Treshnish wood, a little later 1 was seen flying eastwards over Ensay Burn mouth in an unusual rapid wing beat flight and land on the hill behind Ensay overlooking Calgary bay. Another was seen soaring higher behind it. When the first eagle landed I looked for the second to see if it was in pursuit but it had disappeared. There was definitely some behaviour I had only caught a part of. A minute later presumably the same eagle which had landed retraced its path towards Ensay Burn mouth. A few minutes later 2 Golden Eagles were seen soaring above Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and were last seen flying to the south-west. After another few minutes an adult White-tailed Eagle flew north-east over Treshnish lochan over Treshnish wood and then continued towards Calgary. As the White-tailed Eagle flew over Treshnish wood a Golden Eagle followed it and then started calling and sky-diving over Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. There was no aggressive behaviour but presumably the calling and display was to show that this territory was occupied. A few minutes later 2 Golden eagles and presumably the same White-tailed eagle were soaring on the ridge behind Ensay farm-house. I think this must have been 2 different eagles as I saw no Golden Eagles flying from Treshnish farm towards that direction. A few minutes later I was inside the house when I saw a Golden Eagle soaring low over Treshnish wood carrying a prey item. I could not see what it was but it appeared to have spotted markings resembling a Song Thrush but larger. it may have been a Woodcock. This soaring continued for couple of minutes and I went outside to see where it was going but it had disappeared. It may have landed in Treshnish wood.
I believe I may have been witnessing the inter-reaction between members of 2 pairs of Golden Eagles and the inter-reaction between a White-tailed Eagle and these 2 pairs.
At night a Tawny Owl was heard in Treshnish wood.
On the 30th there was 1 Golden Eagle and 2 Bullfinches at the same place as yesterday beside Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.
On the 29th there was 1 Fieldfare before Toechtamhor cottage, 2 Golden Eagles flying from Treshnish Point eastwards above Treshnish boathouse and 2 Bullfinches by Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. This is the first time I have seen Bullfinches in our 10x10km square although someone has added this species to the new Atlas data as a roving records to the eastern Gometra tetrad in summer 2008 or 2009, which is within our 10x10km square.
On the 28th there were 2 Fieldfares before Toechtamhor cottage and 3 unidentified geese were seen from Treshnish House flying over Haunn.
On the 27th there was 1 Woodcock near Ensay Burn cattle-grid, 2 Wood Pigeons in Treshnish wood and 4 Great Northern Divers between Lainne Sgeir and Calgary beach.
On the 25th there was 1 male Hen Harrier at Dùn Haunn and again later flying from Beinn Duill to Cruachan Treshnish. There were also 3 Woodcocks at the top of the upper cliffs above Dùn Haunn, 3 more above Port Haunn and 1 at Achnacoil (old upper track between Haunn cottages and Crackaig).
On the 23rd there was 1 Woodcock below Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and 1 Greenfinch at Treshnish House.
On the 22nd a Red Grouse was heard above Treshnish lochan.
On the 21st there was 1 White-tailed Eagle low down at Treshnish Point (SC), 2 Golden Eagles above Treshnish wood and 3 Great Northern Divers in Calgary bay.
On the 20th there was 1 Golden Eagle where the Ensay road hits the coast and another 2 calling and displaying above Treshnish wood.
On the 19th there were 2 Golden Eagles above Treshnish wood.
On the 18th there was an Otter swimming east across Ensay Burn mouth.
On the 17th there were 2 Golden Eagles above Treshnish wood, one landed high up in a conifer, visible from Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and the other tried to perch there too, but failed.
On the 16th there were 2 Golden Eagles calling and displaying for an hour and a half above Treshnish wood.
On the 15th a flock of what looked like 9 Golden Plovers flew over Treshnish wood towards Haunn and there were also 3 Redwings at Ensay farm-house. No moths came to the light-trap.
On the 14th there were 2 Golden Eagles calling and displaying above Treshnish wood for half an hour.
On the 13th 1 Winter Moth and 1 Mottled Umber moth came at night to the window of Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. This is only the third Mottled Umber I have seen (none in 2008).
On the 10th there was 1 adult male Hen Harrier flying low over Treshnish farm buildings.
On the 9th there was 1 sub-adult male Hen Harrier beside the road at the summit of the Ensay-Burg road and 2 Greenfinches at Treshnish House
On the 3rd there was a pair of Golden Eagles calling above the Treshnish wood and there was 1 Great Northern Diver in Calgary Bay near the ‘pink’ pier.