Camera Kit

This is my digiscoping kit. I am not sure it is technically digiscoping, as that usually involves mounting a digital camera onto the objective lens of a telescope. Mine has a Nikon adapter in place of the objective so it is not so powerful. The camera is a Nikon D70, the telescope is Nikon 80mm FieldScope ED, the head is a Manfrotto and the tripod Gitzo. If a bird stays still long enough, I use this as it has twice the reach of my zoom lens. Focussing must be done manually but it is possible to shoot flying birds, if they are slow enough.

Below is the same kit but with a Sigma 170-500mm f5-6.3 APO lens. I use this for most hand-held shots of small mobile birds and almost all of the flight shots. It is pretty much out of date now but when Leena bought it in Japan, it had good reviews.


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