Migrants, earliest arrival dates

This needs updating and is missing terns and skuas. Will update later.

Wheatear: 18th March
Manx Shearwater: 1 April
Barn Swallow: 7th April
Common Sandpiper: 8th April
Sand Martin: 9th April
Chiffchaff: 13th April (in some years one is heard in early spring)
Cuckoo: 13th April
Whinchat: 24th April
Whimbrel: 26th April
Sedge Warbler: 27th April
Common Whitethroat:: 29th April
Grasshopper Warbler: 4th May (only one years records)
Spotted Flycatcher: 6th May
House Martin: 7th May
Turtle Dove: 11th May (only record with a date but seen in previous years)
Osprey: 13th May (only 2 records)
Corncrake: 13th May
Common Quail: 31st May (only 1 record)
Garden Warbler: 3rd June (only local record, at Calgary)
Swift: 25th June (does not breed on Mull
Redstart: 13th August (our only record at Reudle)


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