30th: At least 4 Tree Pipits at Loch Frisa (appear to be the first for Mull),

1 Black-tailed Godwit in the early morning

and 1 Bar-tailed Godwit and 1 Dunlin at noon at Dervaig, 2 White Wagtails at Calgary beach. A pair of Herons flew from the old nest and later from the new nest.
A Greylag flew from out of the wood near the new Heron nest and a Woodpigeon was calling near the graveyard (the best evidence of breeding so far at Treshnish).
1 juvenile White-tailed Eagle flew from Calgary direction over Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.

1 Green-veined White at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse (my first) although I was told it had also been seen a few days ago near the ‘whisky cave’.
 29th: Managed to find Craig’s Heron nest. An adult flew off it and there was still a lot of noise coning from the nest. Surely it is too early for a chick. The nest is quite flimsy. 1 male Hen Harrier by Ensay Burn mouth.

Carolyne tells me a Great Skua was seen near the ‘whisky cave’ and she saw a possible Merlin over Treshnish wood.
Mountain Hare in Treshnish wood and at dusk in Treshnish Old Schoolhouse garden.
28th: Hybrid Hooded X Carrion Crow flying below Treshnish House (appeared very dark).
A Heron flew from last years nest and there are some fresh dropping below. I can think of a few explanations: 1. the nest Craig saw has been deserted (he found eggs below); 2. There is a second pair; 3. One of the adults is using the old nest as a roosts.
Only time will tell.
A pair of Greylags has been flying a lot around Treshnish wood and today one flew around me several times at the graveyard.

I am almost certain they must be breeding nearby.
This pipit below Treshnish House could be a Scandinavian Rock Pipit although it doesn’t show any rufous on the breast, it has the grey head and mantle and prominent pale supercilium.

Willow Warblers were very tame feeding amongs the seaweed.

Mountain Hare in Treshnish Old Schoolhouse garden.
The nearest Narrow-leaved Helleborine to our house is just emerging. The photo was out of focus (I had to move some vegetation with my boot and that is too close to focus) but it was less than 1cm high and right beside last years dead shoot. Last year on 23rd April the same plant was about 2″ tall (it was also right beside the previous years old plant). This is last years photo.

27th: Pair of Reed Buntings below Haunn blackhouses.
Mountain Hare in Treshnish Old Schoolhouse garden.
25th: at least 7 Twite at Haunn field performing their flight song and display.
Regular guest Craig found the new Heron nest in Treshnish wood. I saw the old nest had not been re-built so meant to look for the new nest but Craig has beat me to it.
24th: 1 untagged adult White-tailed Eagle at Port Haunn. I had the idea that the cairn on the cliff-tops might have been a guide back to port for the fishermen. The male Golden Eagle was seen in the distance. I haven’t seen the female for weeks. She must be doing most of the incubation and doesn’t appear to stray far from the nest. Female Reed Bunting in reedbed below Haunn black-houses, 1 Sparrowhawk at Haunn.
From Rubh’ a’ Chaoil an unusual view of a Fulmar exploring the shore & cliffs

and Fulmar over Leena (doing what Leena’s do best)


This year one goal is to find out when the Spring Squill starts flowering. It was only discovered at Treshnish last year on 23rd May but it went over very quickly because of drought. Presumably it flowers at about the same time as the Bluebells. The odd Bluebell is flowering now but most will not be out for a while. We couldn’t find any Spring Squill flowering but we thought this is probably the leaves.

1 Mountain Hare in our garden.
The old settlement Achnachaoil (above and to east of Rubh’ a’ Chaoil)

with the surrounding lazy-beds.

23rd: Forgot to reset my camera from the previous night photographing the Mountain Hare. Ahhh!
Pretend the blurred dark effect is artistically deliberate.
31 Whimbrels flying west over Langamull beach,

flocks of 18 + 9 Golden Plovers at Cillchriosd,

4 Lapwings at Alt Cillchriosd, 1-2 adult yellow tagged White-tailed Eagle at Langamull/Cillchriosd, 1 White Wagtail at Calgary beach.

Common Gull

Carolyne informs me a male Hen Harrier was at Treshnish Point in the morning
1 Mountain Hare in our garden.
22nd: 26 Whimbrel (flying south) 1 Great Skua, 1 Manx Shearwater off Treshnish Point (the latter 2 were my first although Ewan Miles saw both off Treshnish Point on 6th), 3 pairs of Fulmars on the breeding ledges on northeast side of Treshnish Point and 2 more flying,
1 Mountain Hare in our garden.
21st: 1 Merlin flying from Haunn to Treshnish Point, 1 or 2 male Hen Harriers at Haunn, flocks of 25, 20 & 8 Whimbrels flying southwest around Treshnish Point (my first and highest count), at least 5 Fulmars on the breeding ledges on northeast side of Treshnish Point, 2 Common Sandpipers on Treshnish north shore (our first), a pair of Reed Bunting in reedbeds below Toechtamhor, .
Bluebells just starting to flower to west of Ensay Burn mouth.

Butterbur flowering.

20th: 1 Cuckoo at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse (our first). 
19th: 2 Swallows and 1-3 Sand Martins at Treshnish House (our first), 300 geese flew north past Treshnish Point (probably Pink-footed), 1 Peregrine at Haunn, at least 1 Reed Bunting in reedbeds below Toechtamhor, at least 2 Redwings in Treshnish wood and 1 in Blackpark field.

1 Mountain Hare in our garden. It has a lot of white behind the ears and on the back of the legs.
18th: 2 Willow Warblers

& 1 male Blackcap near Ensay Burn cattle-grid (my first of the year of both and I think firsts for Mull), 1 Peregrine just to north of Lagganulva, 2-3 Lapwings at Lagganulva, 2 Willow Warblers, 13 Slavonian Grebes, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 1 Greenshank, 1 Carrion Crow or Rook (probably a Carrion Crow), at least 8 Sand Martins,  2+ House Martins (my first martins of the year for Mull) & 5+ Swallows at Kellan – Killiechronan. At Killiechronan there was 1 grebe which was smaller than the Slavonians but I don’t think it was a Little Grebe although it was too far out to see any detail even with a scope. It may have been a Black-necked Grebe. It kept apart from the Slavs.
17th: 1 Common Sandpiper at Dervaig (my first of the year),

2 hirundines flew east over the ferry near Lismore lighthouse (possibly Sand Martins), flock of at least 5 Long-tailed Tits between Druimghigha and West Ardow where a black bird with a white wing patch flew in front of the car. It was about blackbird size so I presume it was an aberrant Blackbird.
On the 13th found a micro-moth in West cottage, Haunn. It looked like Agonopterix purpurea which is a recent colonist to Scotland but has so far only been seen in the extreme south-west. I had it checked with Mark Young, a micro-moth expert. He also had to get a second opinion but it was agreed that it is probably an unusually dark Agonopterix heracliana which is common.

16th: Had to go to Glasgow. 1 Otter at Craingnure pier (seems to be a regular spot), 1 Arctic Tern off Duart Castle heading up the Sound of Mull (the first for Mull as far as I am aware), 5 more Arctic Terns at Oban at noon and still present in evening (making trip worthwhile),

flock of martins up the road from Taynult (possibly House Martins), 1 Shelduck at Calgary beach stream.
15th: 4 Goosanders on Loch Meadhoin, Mishnish, 200+ Redwings at Achnadrish, nr Loch an Torr,

1 Redwing & 1 Mistle Thrush below Frachadil, about 1+ Redwing & 1 Mistle Thrush at Torloisk, 1 immature White-tailed Eagle above Dervaig flew south-east (in moult),

1 female Hen Harrier nr Loch Frisa & 1 male on Torloisk – Dervaig road, at least 3 Goldeneye at Loch Peallach, Mishnish, 1 male Shelduck at Lainne Sgeir (Shelducks made a return appearance a few weeks ago but now they are in the nesting territory – no sign of female though).

Lots of Coltsfoot flowering on side of dirt road to Loch Frisa fish farm
14th: 1 Swallow (my first of the year), 10 Turnstones,

1 male Hen Harrier & 2 Teal at Croig, 5 Fieldfares and 1 Redwing below Frachadil, Calgary 1 Black-throated Diver off Calgary beach, 1 Grey Wagtail at Calgary beach stream (Tony Gibson saw 1 near Ensay Burn mouth this week 6-13th).

1 Lesser Black-backed Gull up from Ensay Burn cattle-grid (my first of the year although I saw a possible about 1 week ago over Treshnish wood).
Wren with grub from sea-weed.



13th: 1 Peregrine, 1 adult yellow-tagged White-tailed Eagle at Haunn (guests at Toechtamhor saw one of these eagles birds twice in last week (6-13th) at Haunn and also a male Hen Harrier.
12th: Guest at Haunn saw 2 Redwings around the cottages and at about 11pm Malcolm Ward saw a Barn Owl at Haunn (great news, hopefully this year they will breed).
10th: male Golden Eagle on Cruachan Treshnish.
9th: 3 or 4 Iceland Gulls about 2.5 miles west of the Treshnish Isles on the lobster boat Jessica Louise, they have been around all ‘a lot.’ Here is a photo taken by the skipper, Douggie Cowe.

12 Golden Plovers, 1 Merlin

& 1 Twite (my first of the year) at Cillchriosd,

2 Mistle Thrushes at Ensay Burn cattle-grid, c10 Redwings near Calgary cemetery.
My first Wheatears today,

there were odd ones everywhere but Tony Gibson saw the first in our area on the 31st at Port Haunn,
There were 2 black corvids flying into Calgary Bay (when I took the photos I thought they were Jackdaws but now I think they could be Rooks).

Great Northern Diver in summer plumage.

Langamull to Skye

6th: 1 female Yellowhammer calling at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse (scarce at Treshnish e.g. none in 2007, 2008 & 2009).

The male Golden Eagle was seen at mid-day carrying prey (presumably the remains of yesterday’s rabbit) from Treshnish Point to Dùn Haunn.
5th: A Golden Eagle was pointed out to me in Black Park field, that had just been seen killing a Rabbit in front of the cow barn. It flew to the Black Park when Carolyne drove by.

By the time I saw it fly from the Black Park to Treshnish Point it has already eaten enough to show a bulging crop.

1 Collared Dove at Tresnish Old Schoolhouse (scarce at Treshnish but common at Calgary & Dervaig).
 3rd: Male Golden Eagle over Reudle Schoolhouse area, 2 Short-eared Owls around Treshnish Cruachan, 1 hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow in the Treshnish wood area. Most probably this is the same bird seen yesterday at Langamull. Presumably this bird has only a small amount of Hooded Crow in its ancestry because there are so few lilac coloured feathers.

2nd: Went to Langamull hoping (unsuccessfully) to see an identifiable Scandinavian Rock Pipit which are only possible to separate at this time of year when they are in spring plumage. Mull is so far the only place they have been found within Argyll and the only sites on mull have been Port Haunn and Langamull. There was a Rook or Carrion or hybrid crow flying near Langamull beach. On the way saw one of the yellow tagged adult White-tailed Eagles flying from Bennan to Calgary where it soared with 2 Golden Eagles and looked like it was gaining height to fly in the Treshnish direction.
When we drove back the male Golden Eagle was on the Sitheans.

1 Sparrowhawk by Ensay Burn cattle-grid.
At Langamull:
Great Northern Diver caught 5 crabs in 5 minutes (with 100% dive success)!

Don’t understand why blogger has ruined this photo of a Ringed Plover (left click will show it as it should be).

First Peacock butterfly at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse, attracted by our Hyacinths.

1st: 2 Red Grouse (scarce on Mull) on the level above the Sitheans, 1 Short-eared Owl in the evening at Sitheans and Cruachan, 1 probable Merlin at Sitheans, 1 or 2 Golden Eagles in the distance.

My first Drinker caterpillar of the year basking in the sunshine whilst there was a frozen mini-waterfall in the shade nearby.